Poeitic Veil: Living Architecture Prototype Testbed

Technical University Delft Science Centre

Delft, NL - 2022

Science Centre Delft in collaboration with members of the Living Architecture Systems Group and Philip Beesley of Waterloo Architecture is bringing an immersive interactive environment to TUDelft. This multi-year project combines public art on the campus of TUDelft, the municipality of Delft, and scientists and artists from the Netherlands and Canada. The project is supported by TUDelft’s Faculty of Design Engineering and many Netherlands and Canadian contributors. The project includes students of TUDelft’s Interactive Environments Minor, exploring experimental architecture, electronics, behaviour programming and spatial sound.

A new interactive sculpture will be installed at the entry of the new Science Centre facility. The project provides a testbed for experimental research. The sculpture will act as a beacon that expresses a sustainable, inclusive vision of future design. This environment features multiple kinds of innovative technology, including lightweight biopolymer compliant structures, arrays of miniature interactive electronics, and dynamic responsive behaviour.