On Growth and Form

Textile Museum of Canada

Toronto, Ontario, CAN  2001

On Growth and Form: textiles and the engineering of nature travels several parallel avenues as it establishes the idea that art, science and nature are frequently intertwined when it comes to the creation and utilization of textile structures. Textile systems, by turn, inform and are informed by sources as diverse as architectural prototypes, medical cellular forms, the wings of a bat and even children’s toy construction sets. The invention and reinvention of these new forms shape diverse areas of endeavour, such as the fashion world and the world of advanced medicine, while geotextiles prevent soil erosion, support healthy water systems and nurture plant growth. Over 2000 years ago the Roman polyglot Cicero observed that, “We sow corn, we plant trees, we fertilize the soil by irrigation, we confine the rivers and straighten or direct their courses. In short, by means of our hands, we create a second nature within the natural world.” -Sarah Quinton, Contemporary Gallery, Textile Museum of Canada.

On Growth and Form: textiles and the engineering of nature is the third and last in the 2000/2001 exhibition series 100% Natural.