Hammock Veil

Florida Atlantic University

Fort Lauderdale, US  2015

Hammock Veil reveals an architecture where a mathematical, mechanical, industrial system melts into an unforeseen naturalistic expression.”

–John Sandell, Director of FAU’s School of Architecture

Hammock Veil was developed with students of Florida Atlantic University School (FAU) of Architecture, working with Associate Professors Mate Thitisawat and Emmanouil Vermisso. The work was designed February 2015 and presented at metroLAB of FAU School of Architecture from March 9 to April 3, 2015. Philip Beesley collaborated as visiting professor for the course entitled “Performative Parametric Design”. Students developed a conceptual environment Inspired by the interactive threshold where water and the hardwood hammock of the Everglades converge. Beesley, together with Professors Thitisawat, Vermisso, volunteers and fifteen architecture students, created an installation comprised of illuminated acrylic components integrated with sensor’s actuators and micro-controllers.